Dehydrated Compost (1 cubic ft bag)


This product is available for online ordering to pick up at Jordan Dairy Farm in Rutland, MA. For other delivery options, please call for pricing.

Friendly Farmer Dehydrated Manure 

This product is manufactured on-site at the Jordan Dairy Farm in Rutland, MA.  The Jordan Dairy Farm is a self-sustaining operation that generates its own electricity from their farm powered anaerobic digester.  

Available by the yard.  Delivery is available.

$12.95 –  1 cubic ft bag – Picked-up at Jordan Dairy Farm

How is this product produced? 

Anaerobic digestion is a process that converts organic material and livestock manure into bio-gas that can be used as a renewable energy source. Manure and organic material are mixed and microorganisms convert sugars, fats, and other compounds into biogas annually producing more than 4,200 MWh of renewable energy and odor-free, low-carbon, liquid fertilizer to enhance soil health and increase crop yields. The anaerobic digester has revolutionized how the Jordan Dairy farm gets power, while fitting seamlessly into this quintessential New England dairy farm.

Easy to work with in flower beds, lawns, shrubs, and vegetable gardens.

Contains high-nutrient, organic matter, great for all types of gardening.

Contains no live weed seeds

Natural material enhances plant’s water retention

Adds All Nutrients to Soil to Produce Healthy Growth; Helps Build Content & Improves Soil Texture; Non-Burning

  • Fortified through dehydration, drier than composted manure
  • Restores fertility to depleted soils
  • Excellent organic soil conditioner

Delivery is available (Minimum 3 yards for delivery)Jordan Dairy Farms in Rutland, Massachusetts is a six-generation family farm, founded in 1885. The 950-acre farm is a member of the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Cooperative. Operated by brothers Randy and Brian Jordan, the farm has 800 Holstein cows and milks 300 cows daily. In addition to the dairy operation, the farm raises 700 hybrid double breasted white turkeys each year. The Farm Powered Anaerobic Digester at Jordan Dairy Farms was the first in New England. It was built in 2011 and expanded in 2016.