Salt Hay (Bale)


Salt Hay is truly a unique Mulch that provides numerous benefits over other mulches. AKA Spartina Patens, which is a type of natural cord grass that grows throughout salt marshes along the Eastern Seaboard.

Benefits of Mulching your gardens with Salt Hay:

Does not contain seeds, unlike wheat straw which contains seeds that can germinate in your garden beds.


Keeps the moisture in the beds

Can be reused over several growing seasons

Resistant to rotting

Does not compact and smoother plants

Shades the soils and keeps it from drying out as fast as other mulches.

Good winter insulator for bulbs, vegetables, and perennials.

Use when seeding your lawn to cover the grass seed to allow the moisture to remain in the soil to ensure better seed germination. Do not use wheat straw as it contains seeds, which will leave you with wheat straw growing in your yard.


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